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Your stay with in the Potsdam city center

o make sure your stay in Potsdam is as convenient as possible we are more than happy to arrange guided city tours, theater or cabaret tickets, bicycles and much more. Just ask us about possible activities and sights to see in Potsdam. We will help you to arrange an eventful stay out oft the ordinary which you will not forget so easily.

The Story of the house

The reconstruction of our hotel was finished 2007 and it is directly located in the vibrant historical old town of Potsdam right within the dutch quarter. The massive five-axle baroque house of dutch style was originally build between 1740-1742. In the time around 1751, the court painter of Friedrich the Great lived insight the halls and was amongst other projects responsible for the artistic design of the Belvedere on the Klausberg. The refurbishment of the hotel created an arrangement of modern architecture in the extension and the lovely old style dutch house. Moreover, the central location of our hotel makes it the ideal starting point for sightseeing trips to the preußischen castles and gardens, which are within easy walking distance.




Experience the dutch quarter

The dutch quarter with a total 134 houses is one of the most significant parts of the Potsdam city center. Originally these houses were built around 1740 to attract dutch craftsmen to Potsdam. Today this vibrant part of town is mainly known for its small cafés, boutiques, and antique Shops.